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His Excellency the Minister

For activating the development process and presenting the best services for the clients, we publish these words to be a channel of communication between the ministry and its clients and also a push and helper to the researchers in the fields of water and electricity. Also the ministry is interested in making the clients aware of the latest developments and achievements in the sectors of electricity and water. In 1/1/2345 Hegira (1920), there was the first bid to illuminate the holy Makah mosque for 6 piasters for each lamp.
After that, the spread of water and electricity in all the cities and villages of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced starting a journey of life for a modern nation. That was the first start for the sectors of water and electricity in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Between the period of foundation and this age in which we live, there is a continuous group of achievements representing a story of long straggle and great challenge until reaching to what we see through the site of the ministry on the web. We’ll see this development a concrete fact in the different activities of the sectors of water and electricity and that’s for saving continuous and safe water and high reliable electric services through which we can achieve security and safety to our beloved country.
The ministry employed a lot of teams to upgrade the service of water and drainage. Moreover, the Ministry has a lot of ambitious plans to develop this sector and to be professional in carrying a transitional period (5 years) through a partnership with the private sector. The ministry seeks to communicate with its clients through modern E-mail sites.
The service will be available to the customer. The service will enable the customer to deal directly with the ministry or any of water constitutions. The customer can deal directly with the officials of the ministry. These E – mails will receive care. We can receive your suggestions, notes and complaints about the suitable consumption of water this site is used as a channel to inform the citizens about the importance of using water wisely.
The ministry exerts great efforts to carry out the policy of the state through this site as a part of its duty towards the benefit of the citizen and the welfare of this country. 

The minister of water and electricity

Abdulah bin Abd - ur - Rahman Al- Hossein

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